Apparel Buying Agents

Classik International is a pioneer sourcing agent of goods from India. We are focused exclusively on high-quality goods & product sourcing from India. We have a strong business association with the country’s best suppliers, exporters and manufacturers that deal in a vast variety of products offered at lowest prices. Classik International acts as your representatives in India,a buying house focused exclusively on product sourcing at reasonable prices with excellent quality deliverance . This attitude has enabled us to achieve a high level of customer appreciation that creates goodwill for the firm in the market.

Along with sourcing of goods, we offer a range of services including sampling, order processing, quality assurance, and an exceptional customer service experience.  Our firm has expertise for sourcing, quality checking, inspections  and shipment co-ordination. We have a strong tie-up with many manufacturers that specialize in Apparel production and produce a wide variety of design-driven apparels. We also provide you with cutting-edge fashion trends and quality materials at competitive prices while continuously introducing new ideas, unique finishes and dynamic manufacturing approaches. We spare no effort or cost in bringing our customers the best product and service level that satisfy their short and long-term interests. Our customized approach and geographical presence also helps you to rapidly resolve any design, quality and lead time concerns.

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