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Classik International is one of the Leading outsourcing consultants in India. Based in India, Classik International is pioneer in providing

Outsourcing Services


for overseas buyers. Started 23 years ago, we offer a range of services including quality assurance, consolidation of merchandise and logistics that guarantee superior customer service experience. We deal in diverse range of products that include Furniture, Clothing for Men & Women, Pets Clothing, Packaging, Apparels for Kids, fruits & Vegetable packaging and many more at competitive prices. Classik International has been in the sourcing industry for more than 2 decades with vast expertise and experience and is well known in delivering phenomenal results working with clients outside Indian shores with its team of exceptional committed employees. We have helped various companies in setting up there business operations outside India in various sectors by providing excellent outsourcing consultancy.

We are a team of dynamic talented individuals providing value added Outsourcing Services to our customers at no extra costs. Moreover, we work directly with factories to avoid the traders mark ups. Our sourcing will help you reduce your sourcing price and make you competitive. We are very transparent with our clients and act as the Bridge between Clients and Suppliers to develop long term good business relationships. Our professionals are always focusing on practising new innovative services, sourcing the right vendors, factory evaluation, product development and new experiences for our customers. They perform all activities with precision starting from sourcing vendors/factories, factory evaluation, to quality check and control, and shipping.




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