Post-Surgical Suits for Dog & Cats

Are you looking for sourcing agent that deliver comfortable

MAXX Medical Pet Care Clothing as Post Operative Clothing for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

or After surgery Wear for Dogs. Classik International is one of the leading sourcing Consultants from India who deal in products to be sourced to the Global Markets. They offer post surgery dog shirts that are less stressful and can be worn like a hospital gown. These clothing features snaps and straps for easy, secure dressing while helping your pet.

Classik International source high quality, soft, flexible and lightweight  Post Operative Clothing For Dogs, Cats and Rabbits that act as a second skin, allowing pets to enjoy their day with little anxiety or disruption. The firm source excellent quality clothing for dogs that are made with non-dyed, pure white cotton which allow for easy disinfecting, machine washing and reuse. Their products are a simple solution to protect the surgical wounds of dogs without hindering the animal’s ability to eat, drink or move around. Being less traumatic, they are the best way to keep your pet's paws off their stitches covering stomach wounds and helping to keep cuts and stitching clean.

Well, if you need to manufacture post surgery dog shirts as per your specific requirement Our sourcing will help you reduce your sourcing price and make you competitive. If required the company also assists you in developing a new design as per your requirement. Their products are the best alternative to e-collars or cones which normally increase the discomfort and stress level.

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